Assignment 101 – Cameron Gaskell

The Changes I have made to my final image is that I have slightly changed the levels to help the darker colors, used pop to exaggerate the colors in the photo and burnt the background while dodging the chickens themselves. I really like how this turned out making the red comb of the chickens stand out. I think that it really is amazing putting the two photos together to show off the how the original looks almost faded.

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  1. I like how you added depth by adding shadows into the trees and rocks. I also like how you enhanced the color and texture on the chickens. This is overall a great photograph.

  2. I think the rocks look so much better now since you used the burn tool, and your chickens are a lot more prominent with the brightness in their feathers. Great job

  3. Your chickens are so cute! Burning in the background made a big difference. And I agree with you, the chickens have such nice bright combs in the final version, I think the mix of burning and using the “pop” function brought it out.

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