Assignment 101 – Camille Brown

When editing my picture, the first thing I did was crop it. I wanted the main objects in the foreground to be the dog and the car, so by using the clone stamp tool I erased the dog's leash and owner. Then I created a new layer to adjust the levels. To finish off, I adjusted the curves as well to give the image sharper colors.

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  1. I really like this composition and the first thing that I enjoyed about it was the contrast between the aggressive looking car and the dog with its friendly expression. They capture your attention immediately and I also liked how the owner was removed from the picture because a dog wandering around a car show by itself is funny to see.

  2. I really like how you erased the dog’s leash, making the image looks really wild and beautiful but I think u left a bit of the leash there which is the blue thing around its neck, but good job! The looks of the cars are insane, they’re smoother and shinier than before!

  3. I love the sharpness of the colors in the pictures. The two main focuses are very clear in this picture. I understand why you erased the leash on the dog and I think that by erasing the collar it made the dog feel like a single object.

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