Assignment 101 – Cecilia Ip

First, I added levels adjustment, curves adjustment, channel mixing and vibrance layers to improve the contrast of the picture as well as to bring up the pigment of the lights.

Then, I want to enhance the color of the bottom part of the picture. So, I added another curves adjustment and used the layer mask so that this curves adjustment layer will only apply to the bottom part of the picture.

Lastly, I used the dodge/burn operations on the bottom left hand corner.

Comments (3)

  1. The difference between the original photo and the edited one is clear. The colors of the edited pictures are better displayed, and I think the overall darkness has been added. You use Curves adjustment only on the bottom, right? I should also try to apply it for the next exercise or assignment. I think it is a good photo with various colors.

  2. I agree with the comment above, the difference between the two photos is amazingly clear. I like that you chose a public scene as your subject, and like how you made the colors on the boards/busses come to life.

  3. The modified photo is definitely a lot more vibrant even though you photo has many bright colors. The levels and curves definitely create a noticeable difference almost as if it has a layer of lights beneath the art.

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