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I took this photo outside of the Sunvalley Mall. It was a wonderful weather on that day. I like the illusion of looking up, it could help me to make a great composition of the entire photo and also make a clear image of the special housetop. For the final image, I corrected it with 35% capacity of "screen" to make the whole photo be brighter at first. Then, I used "level" to tuned up the color of the architecture, the sky so it became more vivid. Finally, I used the S "curve" to adjust the contrast of different two part of the housetop which had different intensity distribution. Therefore, the left part of it would be darker and the right hand side would be brighter. Different degree of light emphasized the shape and structure of the architecture. People could be easy to find the key point of this photograph and realize how beautiful it is.

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  1. You picture looks very good. After you edited, there is a strong contract between the building and the sky. If I did not read your writing, it is hard to guess where it is located with this unexpected angle.

  2. I really like the contrast and color depth after the edits. I also love the composition and how the angles guide the narrative of how the photo can be read.

  3. The details of the building and roof really show after all the edits.What interested me the most was how the building and the sky gradient work together. Looks great!

  4. I like the rich blues in the background and the contrast it make with the white building. Also the angle you took this in is very interesting. Its very pleasing to look and you did a great job in changing the colors.

  5. Great choice of image for your post, very strong. I like how much grit and texture your edits bring to the photo, and how they even out the exposure and sunlight to give you a better idea of what time of day it is.

  6. I really like the definition in color and the overall clarity of the image. The colors and textures are very clean. The diagonals of the composition emphasize a focal point that ties the whole photo together.

  7. I also agree with you, looking up at the sky can really find something interesting. The screen that you applied to your photo has clearly show the true white and black. And, I appreciate you that lower the capacity of it. If not, it will be too bright and it won’t give us, the reader, and healthy eyes. lol

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