Assignment 101 – David Kim

Top image is the original / Bottom Image is the Final

In this image, what I did first was start out by cropping the photo for a better fitment and went with adding a channel mixer to make the image black and white with the orange filter. This filter made the image pop the most in my opinion. Th next thing I did was add a level and balanced out the brightness and darkness to the appropriate amount for this picture to really show depth. After that I went ahead and added a curve, to let the image really balance out with the "s" shape curve. The last thing I did was go around the edges with the burn tool to really complete the look of the image.

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  1. Great picture! Love the composition, almost a full mirror image, still following the one-third rule. By changing it to black and white added time to it. good use of the dodge and burn tool, it frames it nicely.

  2. Amazing!.. I agree on the black and white with the orange filter really made it pop. Really see the defines and well finished edges when you use the burn tool. Nicely done in selecting the right tools to create such compelling composition.

  3. This is such a cool picture. I love the texture of the ripples in the water as the boat passes through. I also appreciated the vignette you added manually using the dodge and burn tool.

  4. The photo looks gorgeous and if it weren’t for the modern boat it would be hard to tell that the photo wasn’t a digital copy of an old photo.

  5. I really love the way you used a lack of color to make the image even more stark and exciting. The exposure on the water is perfect, and the brighter mountains in the background pull the focus inwards.

  6. I like this photo. And I think that black-white tone is much better for this photo. When the photo is turned to black-white tone, the sky will be darkened. Then, the reader will be catched by the main content of this photo,

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