ASSIGNMENT 101 – Denell Jackson-Ontiveros

This photo is a picture of a tree in my front yard looking up at the branches from the trunk. This photo started off very faded and lacked color. After post-processing, the colors are more vibrant and balanced with true blacks and white. While post processing I adjusted the levels to get true black and white in my image, which made the photo crisper. I then adjusted the colors in the "Pop" layer and this brought out the red in the trunk, the green in the leaves, and the blue in the sky. By bringing out these colors, the photo became more vibrant. The next step was to adjust the curves and by doing this, it lightened the photo slightly. I then used the dodge and burn tool to lighten and darken areas in the background and foreground. Lastly, I used the multiply blending mode and this darkened the photo. The end result after the post-processing drastically changed the photo and the overall quality.

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  1. The angle of your shot is very interesting! The adjustments do enhance the quality of your shot. I think you’re doing great in utilizing the blending modes in photoshop program. Good one! 😀

  2. I really like how you took the photo, which makes the texture be focal and what techniques you used to strengthen the color of trees. I think it is really nice.

  3. you really made the color pop in the photo making it show more detail and showing all the colors that were lower by the light. looks great

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