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My original image was interesting, but the colors were washed out, so I took an underexposed photo that I could merge with it and get both the high and low tones in a HDR image, I also had two metal objects and realized that I should just focus on one. The next thing I did was crop it down to have the antique irrigation part in the upper left third of the photo. I went through the levels adjustments, and made an ever so slight change to get the lettering to show up a bit more. Played around with a Curves adjustment, but did not like how it seemed to take away from the "natural" look I wanted. I then used the Dodge and Burn tool to darken the lower and middle left side to subdue that area. I also carefully lightened the lettering to make it show up even more. Lastly, I cropped the image one more time to really capture the portion I felt was most impactful.

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  1. Hi Donna,
    This is a really major transformation. I like how you got rid of the unwanted light on top also how you added more colors to the image and that cropped was just perfect. Overall nice job.

  2. Hello Donna. I really like how you took the original image from having a very washed out look to having a very distinct contrast between the blacks and the light colors. I also think it was a nice touch that you cropped the image to make it less busy and give more focus to the irrigation piece. Nice job!

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