Assignment 101 – Ekaterina Svetlysheva

Final Version

For my final version of an image edited in Photoshop I decided to go with black and white colors to bring more attention to composition and lightning, as the prevailing red color from the original shot was mostly distractive. To do that I applied a "Channel Mixer" adjustment layer, chose "Monochrome" option and applied my custom preset with a total of 100%. My next step was a correction of black and white colors, which was done through the "Levels" adjustment layer. The original photo has a light reflection on the walls, which gives a nice contrast look for the black and white color option. To enhance this detail even more, I used a "Dodge Tool" to paint over enlightened zones on a new layer with "Overlay" and 50% opacity. Another adjustment was done with a "Curves" adjustment layer, using a traditional S-curve to make the contrast even stronger. Additionally I checked how well does composition positioned towards a Golden Ratio layout, and cropped it to get a better fitting. Final version is printed on a matte photograph paper.

This image is a part of my photo triptych with people looking up at the sky:

Comments (9)

  1. The black and white effect makes the mood of the photo more serious! It could express and emphasis the person in the photo’s sad, serious or other feelings.

  2. I really like the featured image you choose, stood out to me among others. Due to the depth of field and the person looming in the background. I also know right where this is so seeing it in a different perspective is really interesting to me.

  3. You did an excellent work to create a compositional center. The black and white effect really brings more attention on the composition and lighting.

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