Assignment 101- Elsa Hernandez

My first goal was to make this image seem better even if it was not realistic but after the fist attempt I changed it so instead of only looking better it would look more like it does in person. When I fist began editing the image I added all the different layers possible, after a while I decided on only using a few that made the image stand out a bit more. I began by using a new level to brighten the image completely, making it look more like it does in person, after that I did Channel mixer and gave it a hint of red. The reason for the red hue was because there are so many windows, the light that often comes in during the late afternoon when I work is pink/orange. The last adjustment I made was the exposure, this was mainly for the windows all around to give them that crisp look that they truly have in the night time.

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  1. Excellent choice with bringing in the pink hue on the surfaces within the photo. It gives a great sense of lighting and also compliments the subtle bit of blue in the sky.

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