Assignment 101 – Emily Esperias

For this image, I started off by creating a new layer where I used levels to adjust the histogram to create the image a little bit darker. Then I created a new layer to used the curves tool to give the image more color, especially the raspberry. I as well used the burn tool to dark the edges/background to compliment the raspberry color.

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  1. I like what you did to this picture, the raspberries look very ripe due to the accentuation of the color as well as the added contrast and the shadows that you created with the Burn tool. Over all the picture looks much better.

  2. Hello Emily. I love the edits to the colors you made by doing a layers adjustment. The deep black added to the black berry really allows it to contrast with the red berry. In addition, I like the vibrancy added to the background leaves which makes the photo pop that much more. Nice job!

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