Assignment 101 – Esteban Ramirez

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The first thing I did to the image was a clockwise rotation by a few degrees to get the horizon to be more level. The next thing I did was a simple crop to get rid of the rocky/grassy foreground and to get the horizon on the bottom third of the pace instead of the middle. After that, I did a small levels adjustment to lighten up the image, followed up with a small s-curve adjustment. Continuing on I did a "POP" adjustment layer to bring out the colors of the sky and trees a little more. Finally, I performed some dodge and burn operations through the image. I did some dodging on the most forefront ridge in the lower-left corner of the image. I then burned the farthest ridge on the left because it was a little too light, and I burned the bottom of the clouds in order to dive more depth and dimension to the sky.

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  1. The sky was already so blue and beautiful in the original picture. After you edited it, the clouds stand out from the blue sky. It became even more gorgeous.

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