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This picture was taken on Sep 5, 2021 at Fillmore, Utah when I was having a short road trip and overnight camping with my friends during Labor Day weekend. The place is called Meadow Lava Tubes, and this is one of the caves that we were exploring. I really like photography; therefore, when I was inside the cave, I kept looking for the best spot and trying to capture the most beautiful moment. And there we go -- my favorite picture throughout the whole journey.

Since I think this image is already extraordinary enough to be posted or become part of my portfolio, I didn't edit too much on Photoshop because I wanted to keep the most natural and organic vibes on it. I edited it on adjustments, moved the curve slightly higher to make the image brighter, then I went to vibrance and saturation to try to enrich the color on the image, which can also emphasize the light prism that we could see under the sunlight. I also did a small change on contrast, and it'd make the shadow of those rocks at the left bottom corner become stronger. Lastly, I toned the color on color balance and tried to make the image look bluer.

Copyright © 2021 Esther Hiu Nam Ho. All rights reserved.

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  1. Hi Esther,
    Nice job on adjusting the brightness/lighting in the cave. I can especially see a big difference in the rocks. This picture has a lot of shadows and light, which you were able to adjust well with the Curves layer.

  2. I really like how you edited the vibrance/saturation. It really made the image more crisp and captivating. Overall I think this is an awesome picture

  3. Hi Esther, I really love how you captured this picture with a sunlight ring! Good choice to enhance the saturation and vibrance, it really brings out the colors of the sunlight and the rocks in the cave!

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