Assignment 101-Ethan Ekandem

I gained an idea for making adjustments to my photograph. I used the curves and levels tool to darken the image. The Dodge & Burn method would add focus to the butterfly. I hope to find more ideas to used photoshop tools in the future.

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  1. I like the narrow depth of field of your image! You may want to apply the layer mask when you use the curves tool so that the details of the butterfly could be seen more clearly. I would like to see the original image as well! Overall, I like your picture!

  2. I think that you made a great job editing the image. I think that the curve and level tool gave the image more color. I as well think it was a good idea to have used the burn tool to darken the butterfly. The only thing I would have like was for you to add in the original image to compare the two.

  3. This is a really cool image, using the burn tool to make the butterfly darker was a great idea. It makes the colors more vibrant and you are able to see the detail better.

  4. I really enjoy in the image how the color of the butterfly and the flowers around it play off of each other. By using the burn tool, you really brought out the darkness in the butterfly to let it really pop.

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