Assignment 101 Freya

By d.howe

I’m a family man with 2 kids, 2 dogs, and 2 cats. I’m an ex-fabricator, ex-bouncer, ex-gunsmith, ex-store manager, current wood worker, and now finally a student again!

Comments (3)

  1. What a beautiful dog! I noticed how you brought more color to the parts where the sun washed out the color, that’s very nice. This is purely my preference but I kind of like the composition of the uncropped picture more. Also, don’t forget the little explanatory paragraph!

  2. I love how the sunshine shines on the dog. It is really beautiful and seems to be comfortable which leads me to envy dogs’ life.

  3. This is my albino Doberman, Freya. For this picture I wanted to try and bring out the light and show how she glows like Chanmpagne in the sunlight. I used levels to bring out more contrast, Pop to make the walls a little more green and bring out more of Freyas honey tones, and Clone Stamp to eliminate some of the comforter.

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