Assignment 101 George Melton-Stephan

This photograph is of a young girl holding a candle. It was taken in a dark room with a high shutter speed. I added two layers for levels and curves adjustments. I adjusted the curves as to lighten the dark areas and dim the extremely light areas, in a classic "s" curves. I also adjusted the levels so that the blacks were more gray as the extreme blacks wouldn't allow the screen layered image of concrete to show through in the way I wanted. The crack through the middle of the photograph is from a picture of a concrete wall with a crack in it. I liked that the crack lined up with the shadow on the girls face. Then finally I dodged the hair to allow more of the gold color to show and burned the candle so it wouldn't distract from the intended focus on the face.

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  1. hi GEORGE,
    this is so creative editing, i absolutely like the crack through the middle of the photograph. the crack lined up with the young girl in it makes the picture historical. also the dodged give the candle and the young girl’s hair a great worm yellow. good work with the adjustments.

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