Assignment 101- Go Nakao

I chose this image because I really liked the structure of this photo. For instance, I like the middle "X" part. Also, the middle pole structure looks like a column and the white metal shelter looks like a ceiling as if I'm looking at the top from the bottom. For this assignment, the main idea was to enhance the background cityscape.

I used following three techniques.

  • Curves adjustments: To enhance the background cityscape. I did most of the part except the plant box on the very bottom of the photo because it was too dark with it.
  • Channel mixing: To enhance the orange light from the building and the lump in the plant box.
  • Dodge and burn: To lighten the pole structure and some parts of the plant box.

By Go

Hello, I’m Go Nakao. My major is architecture and I want to be an architect in the future. Please feel free to contact me.

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  1. Hello Go,

    I really enjoy the composition of this photo, and find it interesting that the structural elements in the foreground are capable of drawing so much focus while not obscuring the background appreciably. I can see that you used a relatively wide field of view for this “landscape” shot, and that you were successful in editing the original image to look more moody and dramatic by darkening it slightly and really bringing out the blues. It’s a really unique shot, and I’m curious where you took it!

    – Joe

  2. I like the strong symmetry in the composition of this photo. You did an impressive job setting up the beam in the middle of the image to be almost perfectly center.

  3. Hi, I really this photo. The conception of obeserving urban city through shutter blinds -like structure is so fun. Also, the X sturcture makes the focus of the photo.

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