Assignment 101 – Gracia Movi Kusnadi

I took this post because I thought that it was funny how the ducks walk in a line and they look like a horizontal line when I took the picture. I cropped the image so that it focuses more on the duck. I also adjust the light and dark area using the curves and levels so that the dark part darkens and the bright part brightens. As for the curve, I only changed it a little bit to form a little S. And then I made the duck brighter using the dodge and burn tool so that they can be the center of attention.

Comments (2)

  1. I really like your picture and the story it tells. it seems as if each goose has its own personality. I think the edit you did was quite tasteful how you were able to keep the soft neutral colors of the photo, while brightening the whole thing up and drawing attention to the geese.

  2. The picture really good. I like the way you make the viewer curious about where the duck heading. I like the filter that you give. It give a lot of contrast to the image

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