Assignment 101 – Gregorio Mario

I took this image when I went to Walnut Creek on January 27, 2018. To enhance this photo, I crop it and use levels adjustment and dodge/burn operation. In the levels adjustment, I formed the curve into S-shape. Then, I move the curve's dark end point upward so that the darkest color would lighten up a bit, I also move the other end point downward. The dodge/burn is used to make the vignetting effect and to highlight the object (the girl).

Comments (2)

  1. I personally like candid pictures, because it does not feel “fake” but natural. I like how you darken the picture to make the girl’s face more visible than the original picture. Darkening the background with the dodge tool made the main subject, the girl in this picture more important. Also using the Rule of Third make this picture better.

  2. After edit this photo, it become way more nicer!! The picture become more clear and the reflection of window are mostly removed so it is clear to see inside of building.

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