Assignment 101 – Hennry Garcia

In my picture of the DVC Book Store,  I started  of by making a HDR image by merging three photographs taken in different exposures. I first added Curves in order to change the colors and I then applied Levels so that the colors become a few tones darker. I then added a Hue/Saturation mask to change the color of the sky into a soft pink. Lastly I mix around the colors with the Channel Mixer.

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  1. I like the realistic color adjustment in this photography. I am wondering if you could have the camera focus in front ground and take advantage of it in your HDR to show more details.

  2. I really like your photos! I think you chose an unique angle and great job on merging images. I think your final image looks very modern and instagram-like.

  3. I really like your photo’s composition, and the sky’s color you adjusted. The trees and grass look fresh! It will be better if the trees were not cut off at the top.

  4. I am so sorry I can really find the differences between these photos, maybe you should work on the layers more. You can try to set it in the black and white mode to see the difference.

  5. i like how you took the photo with a great angle. I also like how you combine 3 Photos to merge it into HDR Photos. The adjustment using the curves looks absolutely great where you adjust the color of the sky using the curves.

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