Assignment 101 – Homan Wong

To start with, I enhanced my original photograph by first cropping so that both the men sitting on the bench and the Music Department follows the Rule of Thirds, which could create a more balanced and interesting shot. I also use the Levels adjustment trying to correct the tonal range as well as balancing the color. After that, I adjusted the contrast among the image through curves adjustment. By correcting the percentages under output channel of red, green and blue makes the color pop out more. Next, I darken the shadows ,especially the one cast by the large tree on the front using the dodge and burn tool so as to outline the body of the tree, which allows people to focus on it more. I have tried to turn the image into black and white, however, I don't think it do great with the photograph. I tried to create depth by having foreground and background.

Comments (3)

  1. Cropping your image was a smart choice, because it placed the individual in the bottom one third of the photo. The colors are very vibrant which is very attractive, but the ground at which the bench rests on seems almost a little artificial.

  2. I really like your photo especially the part where you crop the photo. It makes the photo overall a good quality and dramatic photo. The editing makes the photo nicer and much more contrast.

  3. WOW! I really like this photo. Cropping was a great choice. All colors in the picture really come out after using level adjustments and balancing the colors. Great Job!

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