Assignment 101 – Jacob Kentner

For this assignment I used the DVC campus, this is one of my favorite places on campus due to the mix of student activity and natural life. In Photoshop I needed to enhance the color, I used a vibrance layer, setting the vibrance at +8 to get the greens and tans to show more. Then I added in a Pop layer adjusting only the green an blue in the photo and not the red, I left the red at +100, I needed the greens to come through more for the original photo is lacking color. After that I added a curve, slightly adjusting the shadows down and the light up, light even less than the shadows. From there I added in a levels layer, the photo was dull at the start, I adjusted to white to 232 and the black to 10 which allowed the shadows to be more defined. Lastly I added a dodge and burn layer, I burned the sky because the blue was a little distracting, then I burned the lower left corner, the sidewalk and the grass here were to bright and did not allow the eye to move across the image clearly. I also dodged the photo by lightening the green on the tree and the shrubs right by the pond, once again bringing out the green that get missed in the original image.

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