Assignment 101 – Jacob Ramirez

This picture was one of my favorites from a trip this weekend up to the Gold Lake 4x4 Campground just outside the Sierra Buttes. As the sun was setting, I decided to play around with some interesting camera angles and shots of my 4Runner, and it definitely paid off with this shot through the tree branches. The foreground was slightly blurred, but still managing to capture some of the branches in perfect detail as the golden sunlight was shining onto them. Shot from an iPhone.

Edits: (Photoshop CC)

  • Clarified & sharpened
  • Slight fade & shadow lift
  • Slight circular blur with the car centered in the focus
  • Added an orange hue to the entire image to emphasize the hue of the setting sun
  • Cropped to 8"x10"

By jramirez

Automotive Race Team Technician @CLP Motorsports Arch. & Industrial Design |

Comments (1)

  1. This image displays a good depth of field and shows that the car is whats importance in the photo. Adding the orange hue was a small adjustment that made a big difference to the image. You did a good job with both cropping the image and adding some sharpness. The sharpening of the image compliments the tree trunk and shows texture. Something else you can do to the image is play around with levels to manipulate the black and white in the photo.

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