Assignment 101 – Jarron Ho

*The first image is the edited one and the second image is the original one

I used 4 different types of techniques that I learned from doing the exercises and came up with the "best" picture possible from my perspective. The first technique that I used is the "pop" layer which is brightening and sharpening each of the colors by increasing each of the main color by 16 and decreasing the side color by 8 in each color category (red: red +116, blue -8, green - 8). The second technique I used is the level layer. I drag the starting arrow a bit to the right and the last arrow a bit to the left, making the contrast, highlight, and shadow of the image a little bit higher. The third technique that I used is the curve layer which I made like an S curve which drastically increased the contrast of the image while making the shadows and the highlights clearer. The last technique that I used is a channel mixer layer which I set to a soft light mode, making the lights inside the image look softer while increasing the lights to become brighter, for example, the sun from the edited image looks brighter than the original image because of this technique.

Comments (2)

  1. Very nice editing! I like how not only did you bring out the sunset but you also brought more color to the sun’s reflection on the wet sand.

  2. I love how you bring the sun out and strengthen the glory of the sunlight from the picture. Also, the waves became more vivid after you edited.

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