Assignment 101-Jiayang Tan

I've used the pop, curve, and level to change the picture. My purpose was that add light and shade contrast to the original picture, and increase the temperature of the picture.

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  1. I really like the symmetry of the picture! I think you did a great job in photographing this picture! I also like that you enhanced the yellow and orange of the image so that the space would appear to be more warm and comfortable. You successfully increased the temperature of it! You did a great job in identifying what is lacked in the picture!

  2. It is a really good quality picture. This picture is more lively because you made this picture brighter. Also, you are really good at setting the camera angle. I can feel the warmth you intended from the texture of the picture.

  3. Wow this is an amazing photo. I really like the symmetry and how the lines are parallel with the boarders, nice composure. I also really like how you made the photo warmer, it gives off more cozy vibes. Such a beautiful picture, great job!

  4. This picture looks amazing. The overall room color is dark, but the light from the window and the reflection on the table is well contrasted with each other. The light reflection is also shown on the ground like a still ricer. This picture as a whole gives off a very silent and peaceful impression. I also like it that It is almost symmetric on the right and left side.

  5. I really like the symmetry of this photo. Also, I like your idea to put same kind of table both in the middle of the living room and beside the window. Overall, this edited photo looks very nice!

  6. This is a really great picture, you made brighter which can see of the details and it even made the view outside the window more intriguing. The use of the levels and the curves really makes the room feel warmer and more welcoming.

  7. What I really enjoy about this picture is the use of lighting and the level of symmetry that is shown in this image. I like how the shadows and the light coming in through the window really play off each other.

  8. I really like this photo. Especially, I like your idea to put similar table both in middle of the living room and besides the window. Overall, the edited photo looks very modern architecture.

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