Assignment 101 – Jiazheng Zhao

This is a photo I took during a recent trip around my city. I first used the "levels adjustments" to restore the grayscale of the color in the photo, and then used the "curves adjustments" to make the color in the photo more vivid and restore the real world. However, it was cloudy, so the shooting effect of the sky was not good. I hoped to restore the sky at that time, so I used the "overlay" and "cropping the mask on adjustments layers" to only restore some of the blues of the sky. And all of these created my final improved version.



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  1. The original picture looks so boring compared to your edit. I like how you brightened the picture and helped bring the sun out more. It really helped with adding more focus onto the building. You made the picture less cloudy which made the image stand out a lot more.

  2. Hi
    After modification and retouching, the overall color is more comfortable and the details are highlighted.More elements are displayed in the picture, full of artistic atmosphere.Different from the cold and gray of winter, the pictures after modification are full of passion for life.Technically, very good!Nice work.

  3. Its a nice photo, the sky gives it a mysterious vibe, I would have tried to leave the tone of the background untouched to draw even more attention to the building, good work

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