This photo is based on the rule of the third. With applying this rule, the picture seems more organized and professional.

I made some corrections and enhancements in my picture in two different ways. First, I made enhancements based on a monochrome image. I applied levels to make the monochrome image clear. Since the original image has some shades which can make the image little unclear, I applied levels and made the image little brighter than before. I emphasized the contrast between black and white part. I made the black part darker and made the white part lighter.

Then, I turned off the monochrome feature and applied curves. This image has diverse colorful components. I thought that was a main outstanding characteristic of the image, so I emphasized the colorfulness of the image with curves. Lastly, I applied dodge and burn. I used burn tool to the window of the building to emphasize the colorful lights coming from the window, and I used dodge tool to make the edge of the window darker so that the window attracts an attention more than before.

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  1. The ET lab looks so gooood! I like the one in the middle which it so vivid and eye-catching. I think you’ve applied the lesson learned in class. You were able to make several touches on your shot to enhance its quality. Keep it up! Daebak 😀

  2. I really appreciate the composition and how the rule of thirds is applied. I love the contrast in color and subject as the image rises. This gives the photo a great flow and narrative.

  3. The ET lab looks way better after you did the adjustment. The contrast is very obvious, so it’s easily to find out yous changes.

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