Assignment 101 – JINWOO.KIM

Assignment-101 Original

The original photo was taken for Exercise 104.

The original photo looks dark and fuzzy. So, I tried to adjust brightness and clearness of this photo.

First, I edited the original photo by using curve and level skills. I could make the original photos a little bit brighter and colorful than before.

Second, I merged three photos, Original, level, curve photos, to make a HDR image. HDR image gives me a good illumination contrast.

Finally, I used dodge tools to increase the exposure to darken areas on the image. It shows that I can see walls on the top of the image.


Listen ~!

Comments (2)

  1. I love the way you take and edit your photo.
    For the original one, It looks normal but for your edited one, It is beautiful and professional as you make a huge contrast in color.

  2. really great job! i can see the new picture become colorful and has more details. however, i think the photo have something highlight may be better. there is too much information in your photo.

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