Assignment 101 – Joel Beaird

This image is from a series of photos taken on that day when the sun didn't rise. It was extremely dark, just before 10AM. When I shot the photo, I raised the ISO to 4000 and used as wide an aperture as my lens allowed. Shooting in RAW allowed me to boost the exposure in post-processing, creating a distinctive noise from the sparse data and high ISO. This produced an aesthetic I liked, evoking something beyond time and possessing a texture akin to a Chinese ink painting on silk. I cropped the image, converted to greyscale, and adjusted the channels to further this effect.

By j.beaird

Digital gardens and internal architecture

Comments (3)

  1. You did a great job on editing the photo and make it more like a professional painting. I also like the part you trimmed from the original photo. Overall, it looks very nice!

  2. Really love the style of what you had edited for this picture. It is retro and looks like an old professional painting.

  3. I really like this photo, it’s in kind of old time style. And also, the fade make it like a free-hand drawing.

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