Assignment 101 -Jose Lopez

This photograph was taken at a weird angle but turned out as ice picture. It has a lot of texture and lets you see things from a new perspective. I used a variety of techniques to create this edited version of the picture.

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  1. Unique image, great creativity on how to change a regular color picture into more dramatic one. Weird angle is a good angle to make your picture stand out of the crowd.

  2. great angle, the texture of the tree makes it the picture look eye catching, the edit sort of pops and contrasts the color.

  3. Really interesting composition. I’m particularly drawn to the contrast between the dark, thick line created by the trunk and the thin lines of the branches. The texture of the trunk helps to blend it all together.

  4. Interesting composition and angle. Though most of the picture void, the details of the tree activate the photograph. In addition, the photograph has the right iso value, since the shadows are not too dark. It is comfortable to look at.

  5. Your photo really catches my eyes in the beginning. It seems like the photo was shot in a very unique angle. The contrast in the photo is really strong. Anyway, this is an amazing piece of work.

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