Assignment 101 – Joshua Gregory

The comparison of my chosen photo and its final look after polishing it in Adobe Photoshop.

For this assignment I choose the photo of the mossy bricks because I thought the contrast between the green moss and red bricks was very dynamic and in general displayed the rule of thirds very well. For the corrections/enhancements I started first with a level layer adjustment which made the photo fairly lighter. Next, I added a general s-curve adjustment layer as well as pop layer to bring forward the light and dark aspects as well as a Red: +132 Green: -16 Blue: -16 ratio to give the bricks a richer color. I attempted to utilize a layer for luminosity and did not see too much change in the reds and greens, which was surprising as the luminosity setting is used primarily for those two colors. Lastly. I developed one final layer to use the dodge and burn tools. I used the dodge tool to brighten the moss and a few other plants growing between the bricks, and I used the burn tool to darken the light on the bricks as it was a little too bright in my opinion as well as a few other sections of the photo.

In the end, I am proud of the final result as I believe it brings forward how the light works with the moss and bricks as well as having several other not as important features dulled down or brought out of attention. Hope you enjoy!

By Joshua Gregory

Hello, My name is Joshua Gregory and I am an Architecture student. Spring 2019 is my fifth semester here at DVC, but hopefully I am able to transfer by Spring 2020. I look forward to getting to know everyone, and learning a lot from your comments and feedback!

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