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Last Friday, I went to Seattle for a weekend getaway with my family. This photo was taken in the Seattle Public Library while I was visiting the city. As you can see in the original photo, even though there were many windows around the building, the interior was still dark and lack of natural sunlight. Moreover, since I have set micro-mode in my camera, the left side of the photo seems to fade away and only focus on the windows. It was not a bad thing at first, however, I felt like the left side took away too much attention from the photo and did not make the windows pop out at all. It also made the photo very blurry and dull as well. Thus, I first cropped out the some part of the left side of the photo. Then, I applied a new adjustment layer to the photograph and selected the mode to multiply. It immediately enhanced and brightened the color of the image a lot. After that, I added a new adjustment layer again and this time I chose curve as to balance out the darkness in the bottom. Then, I used the "dodge and burn" technique to add more texture to the windows, as to make it the center focus of the photograph. Lastly, I added a new adjustment layer to the photo again and this time I chose saturation and I was really impressed with the result because it toned back the color of the photo. Especially the red carpet on the floor and the study lights, they both made a beautiful contrast with the blue windows on top.

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  1. After editing, you were able to bring out the true color of the grid on the right side of the image. The shade of blue after editing is pretty nice and the details are easier to see and are more visible.

  2. I like the composition that you took in this photo, since somehow on the window has created an ellipse on the rule of third which caught my first sight. Then, all of the lines direct me to the people and red carpet. Therefore, good job for enhancing the primary colors.

  3. This photo has an interesting composition, and the colors turned out very nicely. You explained your editing choices very well in the paragraph below too. I enjoyed reading through your thought process, and seeing how your goals affected the finished result.

  4. This is a really nice photo to begin with, I love how you were able to make certain elements more outstanding. The poles in the image are defining areas like grid lines, so when the colors dramatized, they look even more important. Nice job.

  5. the first one looks quite faded and you did a great job enforce the color contrast of the photo, it makes the picture more vivid and interesting to look at. I also like the composition that really stresses the grid form.

  6. The angle on how you took this shot is really interesting. You can see different diagonal lines made by the windows and the tables. I like how the railings is faded out and the colors were brighter than the original photo.

  7. Great capture! I love the pattern of the ceiling, it’s a good use of natural light to lighten up the space.Also, the red carpet detail makes the photo even more interesting.Eventually, this is a awesome wide angle that capture every detail

  8. Wow, you took nice photo which is made up with nice angle. In your photo, I like that natural sunlight enter into the library. you cropped well and multiplied the photo. Your image has really good brightness and darkness thanks to well control. As you says, the color of photo give impression to me. you did really good work!.

  9. Excellent photos. I like the angle how you capture this image. Editing the image using multiplication successfully allows the windows pop out more with better contrast. Also, cropping the image creates a more balanced and interesting image.

  10. I really like the way you composed the picture; it was taken with an interesting perspective. Besides, the color of the grid is pretty; it makes the window pop out more. It is a very nice pic.

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