Assignment 101 – Juan-Carlos Perez

My original intent was to use “Merge to HDR Pro” to these bracketed images, but I think because they weren’t exactly angled the same (which of course was very difficult with this angle) they didn’t align perfectly and it didn’t look good. Instead, I ended up taking the second hallway photo and adding it as a separate layer with an opacity of 82% so that it would give a vague sense of disequilibrium. Next I added a Curves Layer, and played around with the curves. I ended up keeping the very first traditional S curve that I made because it looked great. Honestly, I would’ve been happy leaving it right there but that just didn’t seem like enough work for this assignment? So I continued. I added an Exposure Layer to tone down the overexposure a little bit. I tried a Black and White Layer change, but didn’t like how it came out so I scrapped that. The last thing I did was touched up areas with the dodge and burn tool, until it looked just right to me, particularly with focus to making the speckles of blue pop around the person at the end of the hall as a subtle focal point.

I don't normally like highly photoshoped images but I'm pretty happy with how this turned out and I mostly achieved the photo-artistic affect I was going for.

Below are the two original images:

By Juan-Carlos

Architecture Student

Comments (2)

  1. I really like the changes, the color is brighter and you can really see all the reflections now. I definitely agree that this improves it without going over the top and making it too tacky or photo shop looking.

  2. this my favorite angle to take picture I just love this picture and your editing made it become better.

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