Assignment 101 – Julian Socher

For this assignment I used a photo taken at the Olympic Country Club in San Francisco. The picture was taken around dusk time on my iPhone camera, which allowed for a nice combination of colors at the horizon as the sun was beginning to set.

First, I created a new adjustment layer for levels, to adjust the white and black balance, making the image a little darker. With another adjustment layer I changed the color of the image by modifying the curvature. Lastly I tweaked the "pop" through the channel mixer. The image naturally contained a lot of green from the grass of the golf field so the green output channel was something that did not need to be heavily modified. However because of the natural warm colors from the sunset, there was potential to increase the output channel for red. I accordingly set the red to give the sunset more color without going overboard. This action lead to the brown of the tree to pop out a little, giving it more life than its natural brown state to a more reddish brown.

Comments (5)

  1. The affect the “pop” makes the picture very different to the original which helps is a lot. I wonder what it would look like if you experimented with the “dodge and burn”. Nice pic!

  2. I thought you edited this photo really well, I liked how you brought out the colors of the horizon and added an overall pop of color to the image. Also, the overall effect of the photo and the way the trees are so detailed makes the overall photo come together.

  3. I like the way how you edited the photo of changing color by “pop.” Pop helps a lot in your photo especially the sky area, the pinkish sky looks fntaasic.

  4. I liked the position of the tree in the photo. Enhancements worked well to increase the visibility of houses on hill top and ambient light around them. I think it kind also made the grass little dark green though. Is there a way we can retain the grass from the original photo?

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