Assignment 101- Kailey Caldwell- Half Moon Bay

Photographs can never truly do nature justice unless they are edited. After taking a number of pictures at Half Moon Bay on President's Day, I noticed they were all a bit dull and did not capture the full color of the sky, rocks, ocean, and sand. I chose to edit this picture out of a number of them because it had a lot of activity and opportunity. My main focus was to enhance the rock, as well as make the ocean and sky a brighter shade of blue. By doing this, I first adjusted the brightness and contrast to make these particular objects pop. Adjusting the levels also helped brighten the overall picture. The curve layer really enhanced the footprints in the sand, as well as the cracks in the rock. To further these enhancements, I used dodge and burn to shade darker areas in the sand and brighten the white foam seen in the ocean. I then used the color balance to bring out deeper shades of yellow and blue. I finally moved on to saturation, which brightened the red in my friend's sweater but had to tone it down a bit as the color began to overpower the image. I ended by using the channel mixer layer and set each output channel to +124, where I made the other colors -12 each. I am satisfied with how the photo turned out. Although I am inexperienced in photo-editing, I am excited to see how my skills progress in this class.

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  1. I really enjoy this edit and the two pictures have caught my eye. The one thing that mainly caught my eye how you make the color in the image pop more and it adds more contrast to the sky and big rock. well done!

  2. the photo before seemed dull and washed out and with the edit the sky color pops out and sand get depth. good job!

  3. this is a great photo. i like how you made the picture more lively by making all the colors stand out more

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