Assignment 101 – KAR CHING CHAN

I chose this photo because it gives viewers a feeling of depth. The bench extends to a vanishing point and the camera focuses on the tree leaf in the middle. However, the original photo has a dark tone, light contrast, and low saturation of colors, which make the photo looks dull.  In this case, I first used the level and curves layers to adjust its lighting and contrast to make the photo appears brighter and clearer. Then, I adjusted its saturation by enhancing more red, blue and green. I also used channel mixer to correct the tone of colors so as to make the photo looks fresh. After that, I merged the file to a HDR image and set it to B&W. Since I wanted the tree leaf to become the main focus of the photo, I painted the most color onto the flower to make it pops out. Followed by a lighter color on the trees, the bench, and the sky so they acted more like a background. Lastly, I used the dodge and burn tool to darken the shadow of the leaf, the edges and texture of the bench, and lighten up the background.

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  1. I like your work a lot. Your original photo is pretty dark, so it’s hard to see very well. But, by editing with your skills, the final photo looks really clear and it has a great clarity. Especially, the wood on the bench shows different shaped of layers and colors. It makes the final photo more dynamic and real than original.

  2. The images shows a huge difference by making the whole image, not only the background, more visible. The leaf in the middle really pops out and it catches attention immediately. The light play a important role in the image too. The brighter section comes closer, and it turns darker as my eyes move to the back.

  3. i can see you do some change on the levels and make the background more light. it show more details and looks better. the leaf become red and it still keep my focus on it. really good job!

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