Assignment 101 – Kaycee Surman

This is a picture I took of the C&H Sugar Factory in Crockett. In order to enhance the image, I aimed to give it a little more of a moody tone and increase the vibrancy while emphasizing the details of the building. To do this, I adjusted the channel mixer to +118, -9, -9 in each output channel to make the colors pop. I embedded a different picture of clouds from creative commons and applied the blending mode, multiply at 75% to make the sky more interesting. Using the clone stamp tool, I erased the single cloud in the left corner. Then, I adjusted the levels and changed the blending mode to multiply again at 17% opacity, applying it to everything except the darkest parts of the trees by using a layer mask. Lastly, using the dodge tool, I slightly lightened the telephone pole and those shadows at the bottom of the trees to help bring some of the detail back into the bottom of the picture.

Photo URL to the cloud image I used:

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  1. I like your adjustments. Usually, that galvanized steel siding is so dull, but adding in the oranges and enhancing the rust patina has also made the dull steel more vibrant.

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