Assignment 101-Kilia Hernandez

The top picture is after I used different photoshop techniques and the one below that is the original picture.

I used 4 different types of photoshop techniques to make the photo better and more pleasing to the eye. The first technique that I used The curves tool, which made my picture become more in depth with the color of the cat. I also used the levels technique, however, there was not much to do with it so in the picture it might not appear. Something that I think definitely elevated the photo was pop. I used 116% red and -8 for both blue and green. I thought that this was the best choice out of the three colors to use because it makes the picture more natural looking rather than having tinge of green and blue. Lastly, I cropped this image so that the focal point of the picture is shown and does not get distracted from the perimeter of the photo

Comments (2)

  1. The adjustments you made really sharpened the shadow and shaded areas of the photo a lot more, especially the shaded area on the lower right side of the cat’s face. The adjustments also help bring out the finer details of the cat’s fur and even give out more vibrant colors. Well done!

  2. I like how you used the curve technique which brightens up the color so much and the image becomes an image that looks like it from National Geographic! Just for an addition, I think you increased the contrast too much which made the color of the wood became completely different and maybe unrealistic

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