Assignment 101 – Kim Hill

I chose this photo because I liked the composition and wanted to see if I could correct the foggy, dull appearance using the first few tools we learned in Photoshop. I decided to use levels, vibrance, and dodge and burn. Levels enhanced the light and dark areas, bringing out the textures of the bark and giving the entire photo more dimension. I decided to use vibrance over pop because pop was too orange on the model’s skin and even though vibrance provided more color, it was a little more natural looking. Finally, I used dodge and burn. I burned the upper left corner where the photo was washed out and then dodged the model’s face alone. I felt lightening the model’s face helped your eye to go straight there. Overall I was happy with the results and eager to learn more.

By Kim Hill

A few years ago, I made a major career change and started taking horticulture and landscape design courses. I am primarily using Landscape Architect Pro for my design program. I am eager to learn the programs you are going to be showing us. I’m certain it will greatly improve my ability to present design concepts to my clients.

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  1. Good choice of adjustments! The model stands out and the background has a nice vibrancy to it. Best thing is that the photo doesn’t look touched up

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