This is a photo of an open field located across from my house. I took this photo on a slightly cloudy day, so the photo as a whole seems pretty dark with bland colors. My goal was to fill this photo with life and add brighter colors to it. I started off by using the pop filter and added a value of +120, -10, -10 for each respective color. This made the grass slightly more green, however, the branches to the right and the large tree with leaves in the background were still too bland for my liking. I then proceeded to use the curve adjustments and used the "S" method in order to bring out the color in the dull areas of this photo and this proved to be very effective. I was pretty satisfied with my photo at this point, but I still used level layers and the dodge and burn technique to further polish the photo and add the finishing touches. Hope you guys like it!

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  1. Hi Kriss,
    I like how the stream in the photo is centered in the foreground, but breaks symmetry as it continues throughout the image. The plant to the left has really interesting shadows as well, which adds a lot to the photo. I also thought the power lines were really thoughtful of you to add since it gives the feeling that there is much more open space outside of the photo.

  2. It is very clear to see the differences between pre & post process. The overall color turned more vivid, especially the tree and grass. The stone reflection in the water also became clearer. Nice Job.

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