Assignment 101 – Kyle Craig

The Image itself is a shot from San Francisco being illuminated by moonlight, and with the Bay Bridge in the background. The edits that took place on the image are, a levels correction to adjust the brightness of the picture. Also a curves correction took place to also displace some of the brightness as well in some parts. Also 2 dodge and burn layers took place to darken and selectively lighten certain spots on the image, in order to bring out more in some sections and less in others. The final thing to take place was a slight grunge layer that is also hardly noticeable without seeing the two side by side.

Comments (2)

  1. Great shot! You really were able to lighten up the sides, making the city feel more alive. My only comment would be that (while impossible retroactively,) you included more of the sidewalk. The bottom of the image feel like unnecessary noise, whereas if it was included, it could make the bridge more centered and therefore reduce the prominence of the street light

  2. Nice photo, the first and second photo seem a bit blurry, but the third one is clear, and the bridge is able to be seen. I also like how you warmed up the photo to give less focus to the building and more to the bridge.

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