As I photographed Nala, I used the rule of thirds as my compositional framework. The main revisions on the original photo were for lighting and color-correcting. The windows brought in a lot of light that drowned out some of the background and casted a shadow on Nala's face. I played with the curves and levels tool to downplay the abundance of light. To bring out Nala's natural amber-auburn coat, I used the pop effect to bring out a brighter tone. I used the dodge and burn tool to put a bit more sparkle in her eye as well. Overall, I was able bring out her features while also keeping a well-balanced background.

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  1. Nala is very photogenic. I particularly enjoy how the area around her eyes is more visible with your enhancements. Additionally, her coat and collar is more vibrant emphasizing her natural qualities. You did an amazing job with removing some of the brightness coming from your windows in the background. Overall, the improvements are noticeable at first sight and elevates the image captured.

  2. this photo is very cute. i like how you edited the photo to make her features stand out more and i like how you photographed it by blurring out the background and putting the main focus on her

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