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I took this picture at an air show at Travis Airbase in Fairfield California, it was a fantastic show. The main attraction were the Air Force Thunderbird s. I was fortunate enough to capture this photo. The color of the sky was a bit gray and the after-burn became fuller after I took the photo.
I created layers for brightness & contrast, hue- saturation, curves, cropping, levels, and clone stamp. I used the clone stamp to add a fuller after-burn towards the edge of the photo on the right; I wanted to show what it looked like after the plane flew by. The saturation created a slight pink in the after-burn. The levels helped brighten and create a truer blue sky, the brightness and contrast created a cleaner and less static photo. The brightness and contrast also created a beautiful definition between the whiter clouds and the blue sky above the plane. It also brightened the plane as well.

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  1. Wow great photo! I think you did a great job at making the colors pop in the edited version. The blues and pinks give off dreamy, cotton candy vibes and it’s really pleasing to look at. I also like how you made the plane brighter. It helps make the plane stand out against the bright color. Great job!

  2. I really like this photo. It’s great that you captured such a fast plane nicely! The clear blue sky looks very beautiful and it matches plane a lot. Also, I like that you enhanced the plane clouds.

  3. I really like this photo. It is great that you shot such a fast plane nicely! I think the enhanced clear blue sky matches the plane excellently. Also, I like the plane cloud part.

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