Assignment 101 Lindiwe Msimang

  1. I added the image to photoshop. It was dark and you could barely see the outside area around the image.
  2. I went to find the layers option, clicked on the new adjustment layer, then clicked on levels. On levels I adjusted the RGB lighting from 255 to 217 which made the image a lttle brighter.
  3. I went back to the layers option, selected new adjustment layer, selected curves . I used the S-curve to give color in certain dark spots.
  4. I opened the layers option again, selected new, then renamed the layer to DNB, scrolled down to mode and selected overlay then ticked the box. I used the burn tool to darken the sky a little as theit was more brighter and everything else was darker.
  5. I used the dodge tool to brighten up the shrubs infront of the building, I used it to brighten up the front bottom wall of the building. I used it to also brighten up the building on the fsr right of the image to make it pop a little.
  6. I started playing around with the gradient tool to see how i could manipulate the lighting, like how the lighter side made colors light and the darker spot made colors a little intense. I pulled the gradient toolline from the top to the bottom to distribute light to certain areas of the image.
  7. Finally i used the burn tool to darken some light from the windows of the building so not to seem too bright.
  8. My edit was mostly about the colors and light, the first image was buried in darkness and i took the image at about 8pm and my final edit has more light and can look a little like i took the image a little eairlier in the day.

Comments (3)

  1. I love that you chose to take a picture at night. You successfully edited it in a way that makes it believe it was taken at an earlier time, and I noticed that you paid special attention to the greenery in the front which does a wonderful job of adding more color to the photo.

  2. Wow, what a difference. I’m surprised you were able to lighten the greenery and capture such detail. The orange glow from the windows compliments the greenery so well. I really like the straight line of the house juxtaposed to the curved, soft hillside. I could see a photo like this being used in Architectural Digest.

  3. It is a nice picture. But I would suggest that it might look better if the light of the front plants is darker so that the contrast between the building which was the visual center and the surrounding environment will be more clear. Anyway, you did a good job.

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