Assignment 101 – Maria Garcia

Before I started editing, I cropped the image to make the flower be in the center. I first used a curves layer to add more color as it was a bit dull in the original image. I then applied a levels layer to darken the colors even more. After this I used the Burn tool to darken parts of the flower and the leaves and peppers behind it. I used the Dodge tool to brighten the lighter parts of certain leaves and the small amount of sky at the top.

Comments (2)

  1. I really like how you edited this photo! I like how you made all the red so vibrant, it really stands out. The darkening of the leaves is especially nice, the color and glossiness turned out well.

  2. I think you did really good editing the rose to stand out the most. It definitely makes it pop and creates a center of focus for the viewers. It might be my monitor but the redness of the rose is a bit too vibrant and it is hard to notice the details on the rose. Overall, you did a good job with your edit.

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