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This picture was taken at the ground of DVC campus. I found the glass fragment sitting on the soil lonely while looking over the plants.
First,I cropped the photo to let the green glass come to the middle . Next, by using the technic "levels", turned the color darker. And then, by using "curves", I made that the right side darker left side lighter to try to stand out the shadow on the ground. I also used the "pop"technic. I turned to blueish color to show the atmosphere of loneliness. At the end, by using "Dodge & Burn" tool, I burned the stones and sand on the back of the green glass to try to focus on the front part.

Comments (2)

  1. The natural light and shadow in the second, enlarged image is a really good effect you can only get from taking good pictures. Centering the glass in between the light and shadow makes it pop out and be recognized by the reader.

  2. I like how the lighting looks a lot more defined, with the shadows bringing more depth to the image and filtering in from the right. This recreates those moments where someone is at the beach and looking at all the little details in the sand. It’s nice to bring focus on the green shard.

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