ASSIGNMENT 101- Marina Rusakova

Working with this photo, my main task was to draw attention to objects which that are in the center of the photo and emphasize the play of light in the water.

First, I cropped the photo to get rid of excess space and objects that are reflected in the water at the top of the image. Then I started working with adjustment layers. I used the "level" to make the picture more contrast and emphasize the structure of the stone. For this effect, I changed the value of the controller, which is responsible for the dark tones and slightly changed the position of the controller which is responsible for light tons. Also I used the “curves”.  If you pay attention to the original photo, it's easy to see that it is too pale because of the refraction of sunlight in the water, and on the left side in the center the sun reflects off the water and this makes this place almost white. Changing the state of the diagonal line in the mode "curves" I managed to reduce the intensity of light areas (darken).  To improve the colors in the image I changed “Color Balance”. The last action I did was work with adjustment layer “Dodge & Burn”.  I worked with “dodge tool” to lighten light on a stone under the water near the shadows from the leaves. I used “burn tool” to darken the problematic area which is on the left side of the photo and to emphasize the sparks from the sun on the water.  I also applied “burn tool” to darken the top and bottom of the photo and slightly protruding part of the stone above the water in order to the central part attracted attention.

Comments (3)

  1. Really nice job with this photo and edit. The depth and variety of color you were able to convey in the edited picture is quite striking. I think you definitely achieved your goal of the focus being the center objects and how the light plays in the water. My eye was immediately drawn to the shadow and light halo the objects cast onto the rock.

  2. I really like the photo that you edited, it really enhances the color of the photo and made the texture show. In the first photo, it looked really plain but you managed to make it eye catching

  3. I love the choice of subject for the photo, the arrangement of forms is already interesting before any edits are even made. I really like the depth of color and clarity of light that the edits add. Great work.

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