Assignment 101- Mark Ebriega

The image above was shot perfect and sharp so all that I needed to do was enhance the image with hardly any corrections. First I applied a levels correction everything was fine only did a minor white point balance. Secondly I applied a channel mixer adjustment to give the image a color pop which did its job. Thirdly I applied a curves adjustment applying an s curve to increase contrast. Then I applied a hue saturation adjustment to increase the saturation of the sky and the green trees. Lastly did a selective color adjustment to the sky as the hue saturation did not give me the blue color I wanted for the sky.

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  1. Hello Mark,
    Great picture! The layer you applied to the colors make it look awesome. The contrast of orange with the blue sky really grabs your viewer’s attention. I can tell you really waited for the perfect time to take your picture since the sun on the left side of the building helped you.

  2. Hey Mark,
    I think these are great photos. A detail I like about your final image is that the window reflections are the same brilliant color as the sky. I also think adding the hue saturation was a good choice to give the trees more color. Overall, great adjustments.

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