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The first edit I did to this photo was adjust the brightness and contrast so it added a stronger touch to the flower. The next thing I did was add a new adjustment layer and change the background to black and white- and then I masked it to just apply the effect to the background. I used the brush tool and took out the effect on the flower so it had color and projected above a black and white background.

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  1. Both of the original and edited photos that you took are very clear and sharp. Since the blue flower is main focus of the photo, I like how you turn the background into B&W and enhance the color of the flower so that it pops up to viewers’ eyes. I also like the way you work with the details of the flower. The effect of the flower works really well with the water drops.

  2. The editing of brightness and contrast brings out the detail of the flower. I like the black and white adjustment, it really highlights the contrast in the color.

  3. I have seen a few of these pictures posted and a common thread is the main face of the petals is allowed to shine through but that is all. To me it then feels like it is just floating in space. Maybe by just playing with the intensity of the brush you could allow some color of the stem through without detracting from the main focus. Easily the most satisfying thing I find with you piece is simply how clean the lines look.

  4. This picture is absolutely beautiful! The blurry black and white background strongly contrasts with the clear colored foreground. The drops of water make the picture more dynamic.

  5. that’s a really good picture you have there, i really like the way you change the color around the flower to black and white. moreover, it’s really focus which make it looks amazing.

  6. Both your original photo and final image are amazing. Great job on enhancements, they really made the flower pop up. Beautiful image!

  7. I like how you use the adjustment using the black and white background which shows a big contrast to the detail of the flower which I think is very eye catching. I also like the HD picture which shows the detail of the flower and the ripples of the water.

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