Assignment 101 – Mathew Lenhart

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For this photo I stacked layer after layer of the various methods we have learned. The first and most dramatic affect was applying a histogram to the photo. The door went from bland and grey, to showing off its metallic nature. I added a slight curves adjustment then dodged & burned the photo to bring out the light and dark contrast in the photo. I upped the vibrancy, bringing out the yellowish hue in the bottom right corner and adjusted the brightness as it was getting a little too dark to see any of the detail. Lastly I topped it all off by sharpening the image so that the peeling on the door became more defined.

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  1. Your picture is beautiful. I like the way you change your picture more dramatically. In addition, the original picture makes me hard to feel the metallic texture, but fixed one shows nicely the texture.

  2. I love the way you sharpen your image that peeling on the door. It looks beautiful and professional. I love it so much and it’s familiar haha.
    Well done.

  3. It looks much better than the original one! I like the color changed from the top to the bottom. It includes white, blue, black, and yellow. So colorful! The curves became more obvious too. Nice adjustment!

  4. I really like your final image. You’ve done a great job on enhancing the texture of the original image. Amazing work!

  5. I like the effect you made on the photo. the boring white wall have more deepness and give audience more illusion.

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