Assignment 101 – Matthew Christian

For this photo, I personally did duplicate the background, then added the multiply effect. Then I did an overlay where the photo was even more contrast, but yet have a very realistic look to it.  But I still wanted to emphasize the colors more and saturate the photo, so I added a curves adjustment layer to enhance the overall brightness to the photo. I lastly used dodge and burn to further enhance the photo to make it more bright.

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  1. I really like the edits that you did on the image. It brings out the neon lights and the color saturation of the whole image. It also brings focus to certain elements that you wanted to highlight.

  2. I like how you lightened the image making the details emphasized. The buildings on the left look sharp and balances nicely with the darker right side. The lights look more electrified and the wall art peaks out a bit more. Great work!

  3. The contrast between the white/blue sky and the neon lights allow the signs to pop out and grab the viewers attention. Nice work.

  4. I like how you stressed the color contrast, it makes the picture vivid and more interesting, in the meanwhile I am a little bit concern about the empty white part on the left

  5. Since you did duplicate the background, the image became more clear and nice. It is not only realistic but colorful thanks to saturation. You control brightness and darkness well which make it like a piece of picture. The neon sign is strong red which makes it powerful and overwhelming.

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